zondag 29 augustus 2010

The Return of the Fruit

And there it is. Episode 3.

I'm so glad this came out so well. This is probably the most boring part of the series, but I couldn't leave it out. Too much character build-up is happening here to simply skip the scene.

Next episode so much more is gonna happen! Oh and finally no-one will get angry then. Also nice to know. Allright, that's it for the spoilers for next episode, especially since I can't tell exactly when that one will air. There'll be a lot of internship-related action going on for the next coupla weeks, so that's really gonna cut in the time I can spend on Sapopera. We're still gonna continue though, don't you worry!

EDIT: I took episode 3 down again. For some reason it would stop loading somewhere halfway the movie...

EDIT2: And it's up again. It still stops somewhere halfway. I suppose YouTube is having problems. Everything else seems to work fine...

EDIT3: Problems solved. It works fine now. Go check it out!

1 opmerking:

  1. Ik vind dat je de emoties goed naar voren laat komen! Net als in 2 trouwens ^^
    Het is inderdaad wel een saai deel... maarja het is wel een belangrijk deel anders was het er niet ;)