vrijdag 24 juni 2011

100 Things... - Someone's on a drawing spree...

"I can't find it in the computer. Well, then I don't know either..."
You won't believe how many times I've heard that sentence in my life.

Also: 4 cartoons in 3 days' time, baby! OH YEAH!!!
Allright, that's enough ego pleasing. See you all next week.

woensdag 22 juni 2011

100 Things... - Today's cartoon

And the last cartoon for today. Nothing fancy, though it is a pretty good life lesson. We really are too eager for time to pass...

100 Things... - Last week's cartoons

Catching up again. Didn't have much time last week to draw and post new cartoons, so here they are. Tonight the first cartoon for this week. Stay with us!

Lightning made of Owls

Now that I finally have time for it, I couldn't resist sending in an entry for Lightning made of Owls. LmoO is a webcomic project founded by David Morgan-Mar from Irregular Webcomic. Everyone can send in a new strip for this comic. There's only one rule entrants have to stick to: the strip has to feature atleast one of six main characters.
It's a pretty amazing project, so be sure to give it a shot if you've got the time!
Click the picture below to see my entry.

Speaking of comics and stuff: 3 new 100 Things coming up this afternoon. See you all later!

woensdag 8 juni 2011

100 Things... - Oh crap in a hat...

Second 100 Things for this week, people! On a Wednesday! Woohoo!

 We've all been there. We all had the Greatest Idea Ever in our head while on the bus or whatever, and then came to the realisation that we had no paper to put it on...

zondag 5 juni 2011

100 Things... - Cuz it's back

...or am I alone in having totally forgotten the French words for 'mom' and 'dad' but knowing Weebl's Amazing Horse entirely by heart?

Anyhow, 100 Things is back in it's bi-weekly format, so be sure to come back every so often! :D