vrijdag 17 februari 2012

100 Things... - Fashion statement

And that marks 25 Things I Think About (so you don't have to). To celebrate the fact that we're at a quarter of the series, here's a full 4 panel comic, instead of the usual cartoon!

So now let's see how long it'll take me to draw the other 75...

donderdag 16 februari 2012

Look, I got published!

The lower half of the last page of School!Week's February issue. School!Week is a magazine that's distributed at all kinds of public schools throughout the country. And guess what, that cartoon is totally my work! I'm really pleased with the way it came out, even though someone put the wrong name in the colophon. The commission for this cartoon was sent to the company I work at, and because of that someone put my boss's name there instead of mine. D'oh!

Anyway, for those who want to see a bigger version, below's the original JPEG. For your entertainment.

maandag 6 februari 2012


Once more, click the images for full-scale impact.

And at long last our hero Henry returns. Who? HENRY! To be fair, the first of above two pages has been there on Facebook for ages, but it just wouldn't feel right to post it here without the company of the other page. It'd leave so many things unexplained.

Anyway, just like I told you guys the other day when I posted the 100 Things... cartoon, more is sure to follow, so while you're here, why not tell me what you think?

vrijdag 3 februari 2012

100 Things... - Half-empty bottle

Yes people, 100 Things... is totally still a thing! Once more life has shown this pesky habit of getting in the way of everything, so I had to put things on hold again.

I made a New Year's resolution not to promise anything about when I put art online anymore, but rest assured that we're gonna have a lot more of these this year! Stay tuned!!!