zondag 15 mei 2011

Happy Birthday, dear Blog!

Yes people, this blog recently turned one! So let's celebrate in the tradition of this blog - namely a whole week late. Anyhow, you guys have been waiting for it, and since this is such a special occasion (the blog turning one and this being the tenth 100 Things...) here's not just a cartoon, but a whole 4-panel strip! With not just one but two lessons in it. Happy anniversary!!!

This doesn't mean we're back on the old schedule, though. I'll be afk for like two weeks soon. But after that, 100 Things'll be updating bi-weekly again. Be sure to get back!

zondag 1 mei 2011


OK! First of all, I'd like to tell you guys that all the panic of last post has come to a good ending after all. It took me almost all night (and a good deal of my sanity) but I got the job done. In time!

Then some other good news: I graduated! Since last Wednesday I'm entitled to call myself a multimedia designer, specialized in Animation! It really feels great. I finally can do the thing I like most of all for a living! How awesome is that!

That leaves me with one more thing to tell you gang about: the Expo! Last Thursday we had the whole day to show parents, friends and other people what we made for our exam project. It was crowded, it was hot, but it was SO worth it!!! Check out our stand, by the way:

It really did what we designed it to do: pull the attention of people and show what we've been through to give those people the movie they were watching. I love it when a presentation is this self-explanatory.

So yeah. I suppose you now want to see our movie as well. Then rest assured, thou shan't have to wait any longer! Behold!

I'm pretty proud of it. I hope you agree.
See you guys later!