zaterdag 22 januari 2011

100 Things - Forbidden word...

Sad but true: somehow the n-word has become a more terrible thing to call someone than retard. Just so you know, I'm not in favor of the way either of these words are used these days.
Also: just in time. Awesome.

100 Things - The catch-up song

I know. Worst. Pun. Ever. So, of course, above title can only be accompanied by the only kind of humor that's even worse than bad puns:

Indeed. Toilet-humor. But really, just think about it. You won't believe how much it pisses people off when something doesn't work as they believe it should, yet they all use one of mankind's most flawed inventions on a daily basis, WITHOUT COMPLAINTS.

Really. Some devices are treated worse than toilets. Isn't that sad?

More's coming up, btw. This week's second cartoon will be up in like an hour or so.

vrijdag 14 januari 2011

100 Things

So yeah. Let's start a series of 100 cartoons. It's all gonna be about stuff I wonder about while I live my everyday life. I intended to make one every day, but seeing how good I am at keeping such promises *cough*Sapopera*cough* I'll leave it at two a week, with more coming up if I feel generous.

Today's joke's a bit meek if you ask me, but I think most'll find it very recognisable. If you don't, your parents probably aren't that old yet. That or you just have a very bad relationship with your parents.

See y'all next time!