woensdag 13 april 2011

Crash & Burn

This. Is. Not. Good.
Today could have been the day that I finished my exam project. Then came the Crash.
AfterEffects crashed while I was easily halfway through adding our animated backgrounds to our movie. I was offered the option to save, so I did. It wasn't really necessary (having worked with GLR computers for four years tought me to save every quarter of an hour), but hey, the option was there, why not take it. I reopened the file, only to discover that there was nothing in it anymore. Everything has been erased by the crash.
Luckily I DO have some sort of backup here on my laptop, but seeing as I made that one over the weekend, this means I have to start adding the backgrounds from scratch. Oh and just so you know, deadline's tomorrow. I am not happy.
I probably won't make the deadline, so I'll have to deliver our movie as soon as possible afterwards. This means 100 Things is back on hiatus until further notice. I am very sorry.

zondag 10 april 2011


Yes people, it is that time again. The deadline for our Exam Project is in about three days and have we still got some work to do...
Anyhow. Seeing as the production of our short (read all about it here) is still in full swing, I can't yet reveal any spoiler pics. So, as not to leave you guys, patient as you are, waiting with empty hands, here is our poster.
I think it really captures the feeling of our movie. Drawn artwork was done by me, the logo by classmate and partner-in-crime Anneloes van Koppenhagen.
I'm getting excited and I hope you guys are too. To top it all off, I have another surprise for you:
New 100 Things. This Saturday. Be there.
WE'RE DOING THIS! See you all next time!