woensdag 13 april 2011

Crash & Burn

This. Is. Not. Good.
Today could have been the day that I finished my exam project. Then came the Crash.
AfterEffects crashed while I was easily halfway through adding our animated backgrounds to our movie. I was offered the option to save, so I did. It wasn't really necessary (having worked with GLR computers for four years tought me to save every quarter of an hour), but hey, the option was there, why not take it. I reopened the file, only to discover that there was nothing in it anymore. Everything has been erased by the crash.
Luckily I DO have some sort of backup here on my laptop, but seeing as I made that one over the weekend, this means I have to start adding the backgrounds from scratch. Oh and just so you know, deadline's tomorrow. I am not happy.
I probably won't make the deadline, so I'll have to deliver our movie as soon as possible afterwards. This means 100 Things is back on hiatus until further notice. I am very sorry.

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