maandag 5 december 2011


Dutch readers only. (Klik op de afbeelding voor volledige grootte)
Het is weer Sinterklaas, dus tijd voor de Jaarlijkse Sinterklaasbattle op Deviantart. Deze keer zat ik wegens omstandigheden wat krap in m'n tijd, maar ik heb toch nog bovenstaand stripje weten te fabriceren. *Self five*
Volgende keer weer 100 Things...? Volgende keer nog dit jaar? Wie weet, wie weet...

zaterdag 8 oktober 2011

Got. A. Job.

For those who didn't know yet. I totally got a job! Starting November 1st I'll be a webdesigner at Combigoods! It's a completely different branche than I thought I'd end up in, but what the hell. Working experience is ALWAYS a good thing. WE'RE DOING THIS!!!

On a completely different note: as we speak I'm busy drawing some new Henry! pages; just finished page 3 today. As soon as I've got pages 4 and 5 as well, I'll upload them for you guys, so stay tuned!

maandag 3 oktober 2011

Frickin' Color!

About time I did something in color again. I totally went and ripped a picture from my best friend's Facebook, and remade it into this drawing :)
Can't tell you guys yet what EXACTLY it is for yet. It's still kind of a secret between her and me, and if I tell you guys anything more she'll probably have my hide. Or yours...

Anyway, enjoy the pic!

dinsdag 20 september 2011

100 Things... - Bang!

Tried a new style on the characters this time. I think they came out pretty nice. The car, however, does need some working on in more than one way...

zaterdag 10 september 2011

100 Things... - Double the pleasure

So yeah! It's been a while since my last update, so here are two pretty crowded cartoons to make up for that.
I had fun drawing a coupla cartoons with a bit of a happier attitude. Somehow most of the previous ones strike me as being a bit cynical...

zaterdag 27 augustus 2011

100 Things... - We're at one fifth!

Yes people, today marks 20 Things I Think About! 80 left to go, WE ARE DOING THIS!!!

I just had to use those sheep again. They make this joke endlessly more funny. Yes they do.

dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

100 Things - Thou shalt not lie...

Ok, due to illness a bit later than expected, but it's here. 100 Things I Think About continues!
I still intend to follow the twice-a-week-schedule, so come back later this week for another cartoon!

...and maybe a coupla new Henry pages. If I feel generous. Ta-ta for now!

vrijdag 19 augustus 2011


Click the images for full-scale impact. I know it's been a while since the last 100 Things... cartoon and that therefore this isn't the best of times to start a new series, but you know what? I do it anyway! This is a project I've had on my mind for some time now, but only recently came to full fruitation. I love how it's turning out, so I couldn't resist putting it online. Is the 100 Things... schedule going to suffer even worse from this? No, it isn't! Starting next week, we'll be back at the usual bi-weekly schedule, and from that moment on 100 Things... will have priority over Henry. I promised you 100 cartoons, you'll GET 100 cartoons. Period.

Maybe page 3 of Henry's epic will follow over the weekend, but no guarantees there. Next Sunday there WILL be a new 100 Things... cartoon however. I promise!

zaterdag 16 juli 2011

100 Things... - Inventing the wheel...

We're back! With a pretty personal lesson this time; I just got it myself this week...
Yes people, real life can be THIS inspiring.

donderdag 7 juli 2011

100 Things... - Tea time

And another cartoon! Maybe not my best joke ever, but MAN am I glad about how the drawing turned out!

Fun fact: For those who care about such things: those waitresses are based on Juliet and Glenda from Terry Pratchett's Unseen Academicals. I just love the relationship between these two characters...

vrijdag 24 juni 2011

100 Things... - Someone's on a drawing spree...

"I can't find it in the computer. Well, then I don't know either..."
You won't believe how many times I've heard that sentence in my life.

Also: 4 cartoons in 3 days' time, baby! OH YEAH!!!
Allright, that's enough ego pleasing. See you all next week.

woensdag 22 juni 2011

100 Things... - Today's cartoon

And the last cartoon for today. Nothing fancy, though it is a pretty good life lesson. We really are too eager for time to pass...

100 Things... - Last week's cartoons

Catching up again. Didn't have much time last week to draw and post new cartoons, so here they are. Tonight the first cartoon for this week. Stay with us!

Lightning made of Owls

Now that I finally have time for it, I couldn't resist sending in an entry for Lightning made of Owls. LmoO is a webcomic project founded by David Morgan-Mar from Irregular Webcomic. Everyone can send in a new strip for this comic. There's only one rule entrants have to stick to: the strip has to feature atleast one of six main characters.
It's a pretty amazing project, so be sure to give it a shot if you've got the time!
Click the picture below to see my entry.

Speaking of comics and stuff: 3 new 100 Things coming up this afternoon. See you all later!

woensdag 8 juni 2011

100 Things... - Oh crap in a hat...

Second 100 Things for this week, people! On a Wednesday! Woohoo!

 We've all been there. We all had the Greatest Idea Ever in our head while on the bus or whatever, and then came to the realisation that we had no paper to put it on...

zondag 5 juni 2011

100 Things... - Cuz it's back

...or am I alone in having totally forgotten the French words for 'mom' and 'dad' but knowing Weebl's Amazing Horse entirely by heart?

Anyhow, 100 Things is back in it's bi-weekly format, so be sure to come back every so often! :D

zondag 15 mei 2011

Happy Birthday, dear Blog!

Yes people, this blog recently turned one! So let's celebrate in the tradition of this blog - namely a whole week late. Anyhow, you guys have been waiting for it, and since this is such a special occasion (the blog turning one and this being the tenth 100 Things...) here's not just a cartoon, but a whole 4-panel strip! With not just one but two lessons in it. Happy anniversary!!!

This doesn't mean we're back on the old schedule, though. I'll be afk for like two weeks soon. But after that, 100 Things'll be updating bi-weekly again. Be sure to get back!

zondag 1 mei 2011


OK! First of all, I'd like to tell you guys that all the panic of last post has come to a good ending after all. It took me almost all night (and a good deal of my sanity) but I got the job done. In time!

Then some other good news: I graduated! Since last Wednesday I'm entitled to call myself a multimedia designer, specialized in Animation! It really feels great. I finally can do the thing I like most of all for a living! How awesome is that!

That leaves me with one more thing to tell you gang about: the Expo! Last Thursday we had the whole day to show parents, friends and other people what we made for our exam project. It was crowded, it was hot, but it was SO worth it!!! Check out our stand, by the way:

It really did what we designed it to do: pull the attention of people and show what we've been through to give those people the movie they were watching. I love it when a presentation is this self-explanatory.

So yeah. I suppose you now want to see our movie as well. Then rest assured, thou shan't have to wait any longer! Behold!

I'm pretty proud of it. I hope you agree.
See you guys later!

woensdag 13 april 2011

Crash & Burn

This. Is. Not. Good.
Today could have been the day that I finished my exam project. Then came the Crash.
AfterEffects crashed while I was easily halfway through adding our animated backgrounds to our movie. I was offered the option to save, so I did. It wasn't really necessary (having worked with GLR computers for four years tought me to save every quarter of an hour), but hey, the option was there, why not take it. I reopened the file, only to discover that there was nothing in it anymore. Everything has been erased by the crash.
Luckily I DO have some sort of backup here on my laptop, but seeing as I made that one over the weekend, this means I have to start adding the backgrounds from scratch. Oh and just so you know, deadline's tomorrow. I am not happy.
I probably won't make the deadline, so I'll have to deliver our movie as soon as possible afterwards. This means 100 Things is back on hiatus until further notice. I am very sorry.

zondag 10 april 2011


Yes people, it is that time again. The deadline for our Exam Project is in about three days and have we still got some work to do...
Anyhow. Seeing as the production of our short (read all about it here) is still in full swing, I can't yet reveal any spoiler pics. So, as not to leave you guys, patient as you are, waiting with empty hands, here is our poster.
I think it really captures the feeling of our movie. Drawn artwork was done by me, the logo by classmate and partner-in-crime Anneloes van Koppenhagen.
I'm getting excited and I hope you guys are too. To top it all off, I have another surprise for you:
New 100 Things. This Saturday. Be there.
WE'RE DOING THIS! See you all next time!

woensdag 2 maart 2011

Exam Project

Some of you may have been wondering what's causing all the delays with the 100 Things series. Yes, people, I am aware that I'm like 4 cartoons behind. I'll make up for it. Promise.
Here's why: I'm in the middle of my Exam Project. Seeing as our classmates are making some really cool stuff, my teammate and I have decided that our short too should be Legendary at the very least. Which means that it's a lot of work.

The movie tells the story of a princess who's locked up in some tower. Two warriors hear her cries for help and try to save her. But the way to the tower is not without danger and how will the princess react upon her saviors?

Below you'll find some characters sketches and a behind-the-screens picture. Want spoilers? Check out our animatic!

The small hero. Your typical annoying know-it-all. Pretty bossy guy too. Wants the princess.

The big hero. The kinda guy who only understands two words (preferably used in the same sentence): Bar. Fight.

The princess. Locked up in a tower. Guarded by a dragon. Prefers big, hairy men.

Dragon. The hugest characters of our cast. Also the character with the least screentime. Very, very moody.

The cast as it was two weeks ago. By Monday the human characters'll all have clothes, hair and faces.

dinsdag 15 februari 2011

100 Things - Valentine Special

Or rather the un-Valentine Special; this in plain mockery of my past as a Kaartenhuis intern. Of course (secretly, deep down inside) I still support the day, so if you haven't done it yet, go over there and send that E-card to your Special One! Even though you're an entire day late by now...

zondag 13 februari 2011

100 Things - Bus

I'm late. Again. Sorry people. But, in return, you did get this sweet new background (I hope you guys like it) and a (for my standards) pretty crowded cartoon.
So, of course, I'm gonna have to play catch-up again. Though I can't guarantee that last week's second cartoon will be live tonight, you guys WILL get a Valentine's Special. After all, you're reading the blog of someone who's worked at an E-card company.
See you later, folks!

zaterdag 12 februari 2011

New Showreel!

A lot of things have happened since I uploaded my previous showreel, so here's a new one.
Special thanks to Brasserie BuitenGewoon and for letting me use the clips I made for them.

Work featured in this video (in order of appearance):

Gnome E-card (made for, Mr. Hefid & Boruda, Mr. Hefid & Boruda running past a riding train (made for Brasserie BuitenGewoon, non-animated video provided by ARCO IRIS), Sheep E-card*, Sapopera, CatGame intro*, GLR commercial*, infographic about energy-efficient lamps*, Fanta winter-themed commercial*, Rotterdam Centraal cutscene (made for Brasserie BuitenGewoon, non-animated video provided by ARCO IRIS), Heineken infographic*, Etherium Saint, Studio Hergebruik Ranimated*, Mandarins Stopmotion E-card (made for

*= School Assignment

zaterdag 5 februari 2011

100 Things - Aren't you a Mister Sunshine...

It's official. I love doing these cartoons. Special thanks to my Cintiq for making stuff so much easier for me.
On topic: If YOUR kid ever expresses such thoughts, go and seek help. It's not healthy for him/her to think like that.

vrijdag 4 februari 2011

100 Things - In time for once

We all used the word. We all know how hard it is to keep the promise that follows after.
I could have had this cartoon live earlier, but the battery of my laptop went down and once I had my laptop restarted I had to start all over again. People, Ctrl+S is your friend. Keep it that way.
Coming up tomorrow: the second cartoon for this week.

100 Things - making up, the finale

Part two of my round of make-up-cartoons. Maybe tomorrow I'll have the first cartoon for this week live, but no promises made.
Not much to say on this one, just keep it in mind forever. It'll make your view on life a lot more bright.
Also noteworthy: the Triumphant Return of professor Professor. Will he be in more 100TITA cartoons? Once more, I can't guarantee anything...

donderdag 3 februari 2011

100 Things - but a Wizard is never late...

I'm sorry guys. Where I already felt a bit ill last time, the week after I felt downright terrible.
So that's why I couldn't upload any new episodes of 100 Things. But guess what! I feel a lot better now, which means that tonight I'll make up for last week and tomorrow and/or Saturday the cartoons for this week'll be on.
I should really stop using the taboo words now. Next cartoon won't have as much hard language, I promise. Also, those faces probably are the best I've EVER drawn. The guy's one alone... Nightmare Fuel in its purest form!
Anyhow. Stay tuned for the 5th cartoon!