woensdag 2 maart 2011

Exam Project

Some of you may have been wondering what's causing all the delays with the 100 Things series. Yes, people, I am aware that I'm like 4 cartoons behind. I'll make up for it. Promise.
Here's why: I'm in the middle of my Exam Project. Seeing as our classmates are making some really cool stuff, my teammate and I have decided that our short too should be Legendary at the very least. Which means that it's a lot of work.

The movie tells the story of a princess who's locked up in some tower. Two warriors hear her cries for help and try to save her. But the way to the tower is not without danger and how will the princess react upon her saviors?

Below you'll find some characters sketches and a behind-the-screens picture. Want spoilers? Check out our animatic!

The small hero. Your typical annoying know-it-all. Pretty bossy guy too. Wants the princess.

The big hero. The kinda guy who only understands two words (preferably used in the same sentence): Bar. Fight.

The princess. Locked up in a tower. Guarded by a dragon. Prefers big, hairy men.

Dragon. The hugest characters of our cast. Also the character with the least screentime. Very, very moody.

The cast as it was two weeks ago. By Monday the human characters'll all have clothes, hair and faces.

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  1. It's like AWESOME!! :D Ben echt benieuwd hoe jullie eindfilm eruit gaat zien! Good luck! ;D