zondag 29 augustus 2010

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Yes, it's finally gonna happen. Ever since yesterday Sapopera part three is ready to go live. "SINCE YESTERDAY?!" Why is it still not on then?! Because of internet issues that is. Yesterday evening I put it on upload, only to find out later that night that somewhere halfway through the internet had been cut off and therefore there was nothing to watch on YouTube. And that's how THIS ENTIRE WEEK has been for me. One long chain of unexpected school stuff, camera batteries dying a very untimely death, eyes and/or other facial character properties detaching somewhere halfway a long shoot, etc. etc. Not to mention the fact that this time around I don't have any background characters handy to distract you guys with, so I'd have to find a way to keep todays dialog interesting without them. Which is also more of a hard job than it might seem.
As we are waiting for the upload to complete, why not having some fun already with some bonus pics?


The set of today's episode. Yes, that's a closet. It was the only place in the house that had a street-like looking floor.

The set of last episode. Inside shots are SO much easier to take...

The Sheet of a Thousand Eyes and Mouths. Taken after cutting all the new expressions out that I needed for todays episode.

That's all I've got to show you at this moment, folks! Stay around for the actual episode!

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