zondag 15 augustus 2010

Part Deux

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I've been delayed! Anyway, it's still weekend, so you guys have nothing to complain about. Here it is: Sapopera - episode 2!

Why is it so late? Well, actually it's quite early, if you take into consideration that until last Thursday I didn't have any backgrounds to work with. You know, Caroline makes them, and as she also has non-Sapopera-related business to attend to, stuff arrived a tad later than usual. So here I was last Friday (and Saturday morning) photographing like mad, hoping to keep you guys somewhat happy. That's also why there haven't been any spoiler pics and whatnot this week, I was too busy actually making the episode to be able to show off with some bonus material. I'll make up for it, I promise!

Speaking of Caroline and her non-Sapopera-related business; this will be the last episode with backgrounds ENTIRELY made by her. She's got this idea for her Exam Project, and as she's gonna do it alone, she wants to spend as much time as she can spare on said project. Which means from now on I'm entirely on my own. *Sigh*

In my opinion it's a real loss, seeing as Caroline always gave the backgrounds that cute-ish touch that I simply... lack. Ah well, Exam Projects are far more important than free-for-all-to-watch-soapseries-about-fruit, so yeah. Then so be it. Anyway, Sapopera will continue to be aired weekly, at least for this month, so be sure to come back, and keep hitting those F5-buttons on the Saturdays!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Als eerste wil ik melden: GENIAAL!! Deze aflevering is echt super! Uw vonst met de camera en photoshop is echt goed =D En mevrouw Oranjeboom is echt goed geanimeerd ^^ go jij!

    en als tweede... hihi dankje wel =) en jah, eindproject gaar fur ^^ (a) Maar ik vond het wel super om die bg's te maken hoor ;) ben benieuwd naar de volgende aflevering!! B)

  2. Volgende keer komt er eindelijk een beetje verhaal in ^^

    En ja, ben zelf ook heel blij met de Ps vondst. Niet dat die geen nadelen heeft (ik moet voor ieder nieuw shot de camera weer losmaken van de computer, want als ze verbonden zijn zie je niks meer op 't schermpje van m'n camera...) maar 't beeld ziet er eindeloos beter uit.

    Mevrouw Oranjeboom ftw! Dat "als je van me houdt" shot is echt m'n favoriete stuk van de serie tot nu toe :D