donderdag 31 oktober 2013

The last two Bok strips and new Pages stuff

And just like that it was almost November... I could write a bit about how long ago it has been since my last post, but I'm sure you all noticed that by yourselves. Anyway. I've got A LOT to show you guys.

First of all, the last two Bok & Buurman Bas strips. Due to internal issues, Bureau Bok can no longer provide me with news to poke fun at, so until further notice the comic's on hold. It's been a great run however and I hope to do business with them again sometime in the future.

Second: it has finally happened. A year after the second issue, Pages is BACK. Thicker, stronger and better than ever!

In this issue I'm starting a totally new fantasy-themed series, named Pawns. It's gonna be a big and epic story, which means I'm gonna have to draw a lot of pages for the next coupla issues... Because the 8 I did for this one just won't do. Oh, and SPOILERS:

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