woensdag 30 juni 2010

Work in progress: Sapopera

For those who think I've abandoned this blog: sorry, you're wrong. I just haven't made anything yet that makes it worth the bother for you to look at and read about. That doesn't mean I'm not doing anything at all, though! Right now I'm writing the script for my very own stop-motion soapopera 'Sapopera!'

It will be about a family of pears, a family of apples, a family of mandarins and a family of grapes and their adopted banana child and all their loves, hates, friendships, friendships that turn into love affairs, love affairs that turn into burning hatred and all that, and that all in five episodes of one and a half minute. Of course for all to view on YouTube.

It may be clear that the preparations for said series will take a while (especially since I have some internship-for-next-term-related business to attend to), so I'd like to ask for your patience. You shall be rewarded pretty soon.

Stay tuned!

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