zaterdag 8 mei 2010

And so it begins...

Meet Seth. Seth the Shapeless. One of my more favorite creations, because of the fact he's so mysterious. Always hiding behind that mask. Where did he come from? What is he up to? And more importantly: who will be involved? No-one knows. It is certain though, that something is going to happen.
Now imagine such person holding a magical pen. What horrors or wonders might ensue? None can tell.

Strange words to open a new blog with? Not at all. This is exactly what you can expect of this place. It's going to be a representation of the Violent Act of Randomness that is me. I'll not make any promises regarding future content, because I never know for sure how long I can keep such promises before moving on to someting entirely different. Though it is certain that I'll be posting something. Will it be more illustrations? Animations? Comics? I can't tell for sure, all I can do is ask of you to stay tuned! You will be rewarded for your patience!

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